Efficiency & Highest Standards

LBS’ Approach to Building Efficiency – Design to the Highest Standards

LBS Building Structures Feature:

  • Sustainable technologies that reduce environmental impact
  • Ultra – efficient HVAC systems
  • Complete Net Zero energy systems – power and water
  • Solar Panels integrated with HVAC systems
  • Roofs and walls that are “thermally wrapped” systems
  • GREENGUARD certified materials and products
  • Adaptive LED lighting systems
  • Ultra-violet blocking low emissivity windows
  • Advanced ventilation systems that maximize air quality
  • Computerized Energy Management Systems
  • Indoor acoustics management
  • Advanced technology construction materials virtually eliminate exterior maintenance

Integration of sustainable technologies that reduce environmental impact and significantly reduce operating costs: Our structurally engineered building systems use less energy than comparable stick built structures. LBS integrated regenerative designed buildings combine multiple systems to dramatically reduce energy costs while maintaining a comfortable and the healthiest indoor environment possible for its occupants. LBS integrates LED lighting sensors, environmental control systems, superior insulating methodologies, advanced HVAC systems, and advanced ventilation systems to provide for maximum energy efficiency and optimal living conditions.

For example, our flagship product, the School-in-the-Box, surpasses the CHPS/LEED (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) energy efficiency standards and can produce all the energy needed to operate the classroom by the use of advanced solar and lighting technology. This allows school administrators to maximize their initial investment and subsequent return on investment.

Ultra – efficient HVAC systems: Integrated indoor environment management systems include innovative climate control and advanced ventilation systems to help maintain a constant comfortable living environment. The virtual elimination of humidity provides for a highly efficient HVAC system. LBS’ environmental systems provide:

  • Performance that exceed ASHRAE Standard 55
  • Advanced ventilation systems that remove humidity and contaminants
  • Systems that are monitored real-time by an Energy Management System
  • The optimal in living and learning environment

Complete Net Zero energy systems – power and water: LBS’ structures are engineered with the capacity to include energy producing solar panels. Our design goal is to produce more energy than the building consumes. With the highest level of energy efficiency available in commercial buildings, clients can enjoy energy credits from local electric utilities.

LBS’ structures are engineered with the capacity to capture its own water through cisterns and retention tanks. Rainwater is captured and retained to flush lavatory systems. HVAC systems also serve to capture usable water that complements the rainwater capture system.

Future fuel cell application: As part of our philosophy of innovation in advanced building materials and design, LBS is evaluating the incorporation of fuel cells with our solar panel energy generating system. The technology, (which at this point is not commercially viable for this building application) – is being studied and evaluated. The fuel cell would allow for the capture of energy created and provide for a continuous supply of power. The fuel cell works in tandem with a supply tank of hydrogen gas and oxygen. When the hydrogen is passed through the fuel cell to make electricity, the only byproduct is chemically pure water – which would be reused in our water capture systems. Hydrogen offers a superior energy storage alternative to batteries with the added benefit of chemically pure water and oxygen as the only byproducts. This is another example of the innovation we seek to continuously incorporate into our “living building” systems.

Roofs and walls that are “thermally wrapped” systems: At LBS, our buildings are designed for long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. Our structures feature a highly efficient building envelope, a roof and walls that have high R-value insulation factor, and a natural ventilation system. Our flagship School-In-The-Box exceeds the strictest standards for green schools. Whatever our client’s building application is, LBS will engineer our integrated systems to provide our clients with the highest efficiency package available to minimize ongoing utility expenses.

GREENGUARD certified materials and products: GREENGUARD Certification standards have established performance-based standards to define products and processes with low chemical and particle emissions for use indoors. Our utilization of building products and materials that meet these standards ensure the optimal environment in air quality – thereby providing our clients with the cleanest and healthiest standards available. We therefore virtually eliminate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and toxins. LBS also demonstrates our performance in managing this air quality by providing real – time data from our Energy Management System.

Adaptive LED lighting systems: LBS’ lighting philosophy is to integrate efficient LED systems with natural light. Lighting for our structures combines full-spectrum natural daylight with high efficiency low energy lighting that reduces energy costs. Natural daylight streams into buildings and rooms via Low-Emissivity view windows. Special sensors constantly monitor and adjust room light to optimum levels. Light level and occupancy sensors ensure optimal energy utilization. Full-spectrum LED lighting is pleasing to the eyes of the occupant. Significantly different than its incandescent or fluorescent predecessors, LED lighting has proven to be the highest in efficiency and provide the friendliest spectrum of light for all purposes.

Ultra-violet blocking windows: LBS’ building philosophy is to design for the optimal health benefit and physical comfort of our clients. Providing for a system that manages the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays is a key component of our design approach. Low-emissivity windows reflect radiant infrared energy, thus tending to keep radiant heat on the same side of the glass from which it originated, while letting visible light pass. This results in more efficient windows as radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside, while infrared heat radiation from the sun during summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside. A superior living environment is achieved with minimal energy costs.

Advanced ventilation systems that maximize air quality: At LBS, our goal is to provide our clients with the healthiest and physically beneficial indoor living environment. High efficiency ventilation systems maintain fresh filtered air naturally delivered with minimal humidity and virtually free of VOCs. Our ventilation systems virtually eliminate mold and provide for the highest level of air filtration and quality. Our Energy Management System continuously monitors air quality and reports on any levels of carbon dioxide or any other toxic air compounds.

Computerized Energy Management Systems: LBS’ building structures are essentially integrated building systems that work in tandem with each other to deliver the highest performing energy efficiency package classroom-controlsavailable today. Our computerized Energy Management System will provide you real-time performance on the performance of your systems and the quality of the air in your rooms. With a simple view of a web browser, our clients can obtain a report on the current temperature, current humidity, detection of any air contaminants, and carbon dioxide levels. System readout on the amount of energy produced by the solar panels is also available by web browser. LBS guarantees high-performance buildings – and we continuously report it and prove it to our clients!

Indoor acoustics management: LBS utilizes building components with advanced sound-buffering materials to dramatically reduce outside and inside noise and absorb echoes. We achieve this through an innovative application of sound absorbing materials in our wall panels and ceiling panels. These are enhanced with sound dampening carpet material. Our carpet squares are made out of recycled materials. If an area gets damaged and needs to be replaced, simply remove the affected squares and replace them with new ones. Excess carpet waste is eliminated. This is simply another demonstration of LBS’ commitment to providing our clients with the optimum in living environments and cost savings.

Advanced technology construction materials reduce and virtually eliminate exterior maintenance: Pest treatments, exterior paint, or mold and mildew treatment maintenance is not necessary. LBS understands that our clients want to focus on their business at hand, and not building maintenance. LBS structures require low and minimal annual maintenance in cleaning interior and exterior walls. As exterior painting is not necessary, we save our clients time, money, and effort.


We've received the nation's first LEED for Schools Platinum Certification for a charter/public school