School in the Box

The School-In-The-Box is a complete commercial building system utilizing the most technologically advanced LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum design, materials, and components available globally. By integrating these advanced systems into an innovative building support structure, the School-In-The-Box’s pre-engineered design provides for multiple permanent assembly configurations and a variety of applications. The School-In-The-Box can easily be integrated seamlessly into an existing structure or act as a stand-alone unit most anywhere on earth.

Value Proposition for the Charter School Segment

  • The School-In-The-Box is a model of innovation in advanced LEED design
  • Integration of advanced green-technology systems provide the highest-level energy efficiency available
  • Ultra-high efficiency systems reduce energy costs
  • Advanced technology materials virtually eliminate maintenance
  • The building’s pre-engineered design allows for permanent assembly in weeks – versus months
  • The School-In-The-Box is engineered with flexible design – multiple placement configurations
  • Pre-engineered building design provides for a variety of commercial use applications
  • Advanced green technology systems provide the optimum in indoor air quality and comfort
  • GREENGUARD certified materials virtually eliminate indoor air contaminants
  • The School-In-The-Box is a self-sustaining building – providing its own power and water capture
  • The building and integrated technologies provide educators with a “learning laboratory” classroom that exemplifies sustainability
  • A 39% IRS New Market Tax Credit for applicable low-income areas applies over 7 years

School-In-The-Box Product Features

  • The building is a physical educational laboratory of LEED design
  • Pre-engineered building components / materials are shipped to client’s site
  • Easy to assemble – assembly takes ten steps
  • Assembly takes only weeks
  • Advanced Moment Frame connectivity
  • Direct Current (DC) air conditioning system
  • Solar panels for energy production
  • Monitoring systems that provide real-time performance data on air quality, humidity, temperature
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting fixtures work in tandem with sunlight and automatic sensors to balance
  • lighting for optimal conditions and performance
  • Highly efficient HVAC and air filtration systems
  • Low-emissivity windows enhance energy efficiency
  • GREENGUARD materials virtually eliminate VOCs
  • Toilets can be retrofitted to use cistern-captured water for flushing
  • “Cradle to cradle” materials – recycled materials utilized
  • The building components are designed for a community “build project”
  • Unprecedented return on investment

Optional School-In-The-Box Features

  • Optional water capture and cistern retention system
  • 25 electronic tablets enhance technology applications
  • An industrial-quality 3-D printer is available

School-In-The-Box Benefits

LBS’ innovation and unique design ensures building structures that surpass the highest standards in performance, quality, and cost effectiveness. Our clients receive superior quality and performance that are budget friendly.

LBS leads the industry in delivering high quality, sustainable pre-engineered classrooms and school buildings expeditiously – two weeks is all that is needed for permanent structure placement. We save our clients time and money when construction intervals are critical.

The School-In-The-Box is designed with a number of customizable permanent building configurations to meet most requirements – whether assembling any number of units together or even four stories high.Interiors and exteriors are fully customizable to meet unique needs and styles.With buildings that standalone or become a part of a campus, the SITB meets a variety of structural needs, including: administrative offices, libraries,  science labs, cafeterias, computer labs and other multi-media rooms, art labs, daycare facilities, and eco-friendly restrooms. The School-in-The-Box’s unique design provides unprecedented versatility for school administrators.

The School-In-The-Box is a permanent addition to existing school facilities (or stand-alone units) designed with advanced technology and environmentally-friendly materials that provide the same 50-year life cycle enjoyed with conventional buildings. Unlike portable buildings with shorter usable time frames, school administrators can maximize their initial investment and subsequent returns on investment.

The School-in-The-Box is designed with a 4” concrete slab foundation and an all-steel Moment Frame that can easily stand up to the tests of climate, time, and the environment. The School-in-The-Box is engineered for California’s Seismic standards. Teacher and students are provided maximum seismic safety and overall security.

LBS’ streamlined manufacturing process and bulk purchasing provides our clients with the very highest quality at cost-effective prices.  Our use of Lean Manufacturing principles translates to cost savings for our clients.

Precision manufacturing and production economies combine to provide cost savings both in the short-term (installation intervals) and long-term (energy savings and efficiencies). The modular and prefabricated deign saves clients time and money.

LBS’ factory production management plan incorporates efficient ordering, precise manufacturing, and the use of recycled products to control waste – all of which diverts up to 90% of landfill waste. The School-in-The-Box employs maximized sustainable production methodologies – that allow cost savings to be passed on to our clients.

The School-in-The-Box is designed for long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. The building features a highly efficient building envelope, a roof, walls and ceiling that have high R-value insulation factor rating. School administrators benefit from reduced utility expenses.

The School-in-the-Box has been designed to exceed LEED Platinum standards for green schools – and uses considerably less energy than traditional construction and typically surpasses energy code averages in all climates.
School administrators save monthly utility expenses from maximum energy efficiency and building performance.

The School-In-The-Box has the capability to produce its own power through solar panels. School administrators benefit from reduced electrical expenses – perhaps even receive power credits.

The School-In-The-Box has an upgrade option to capture its own water through cisterns and retention system. Rainwater is collected and used for lavatory systems. School administrators can benefit from reduced utility expenses.

Efficient LED (light emitting diode)lighting fixtures work in tandem with sunlight and automatic sensors to balance lighting for optimal performance and energy conservation. Teachers and students benefit from an optimized spectrum of natural light and matching LED spectrum. School administrators benefit from reduced utility expenses.

The School-in-the-Box’s low-emissivity and ultra-violet blocking windows maximize indoor temperature efficiency by reflecting radiant infrared energy. Radiant heat stays on the same side of the glass from which it originated, while letting visible light pass. Energy efficiency is significantly improved as radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside, while infrared heat radiation from the sun during summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside.  A superior living environment is achieved with minimal energy costs.

High efficiency ventilation systems maintain fresh filtered air naturally delivered with minimal humidity and virtually free of VOCs. Our advanced ventilation system, working in tandem with the HVAC system virtually eliminates mold and air contaminants. Our Energy Management System continuously monitors air quality and reports on any levels of carbon dioxide or any other toxic air compounds. Educators teach and students learn in the healthiest and physically beneficial indoor living environment available.

The School-in-The-Box uses GREENGUARD certified interior materials to virtually eliminate volatile organic compounds.  These certified materials ensure the healthiest indoor teaching and learning environment. Studies show that optimal-health physical environments are more conducive to learning and result in increases in student test scores.

The School-In-The-Box’s Energy Management System continuously monitors and provides real-time reporting on interior air quality. School administrators can readily observe classroom data on humidity, temperature, and air quality – ensuring optimal environmental health conditions.

The School-in-The-Box uses industry leading advanced technology materials to reduce and eliminate maintenance. Pest treatments, exterior paint, or maintenance required for mold and mildew treatment is not necessary.  Low and minimal annual maintenance is required – year after year the School-In-The-Box saves school administrators time, money, and effort.

The School-In-The-Box is a model of innovation in engineering and design that exceeds LEED Platinum standards. The School-In-The-Box is the optimal classroom environment for teachers to teach and students to learn. The building itself serves as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)teaching and experiential laboratory that exemplifies sustainable design and practice.

Optional features available to enhance the student’s educational experience: The School-In-The-Box’s upgrade option provides 25 electronic tablets and an industrial-quality 3-D Printer. The learning experience is augmented through incorporated state-of-the-art enabling technology.

Learning Gate Community School (LGCS) is the template for the innovation that has been transformed and  incorporated into the School-In-The-Box. LGCS is the nation’s first LEED Platinum Certified Public Charter School, and is also the 2011 U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools winner.

As a result of LBS’ vast experience and innovation in building design, all school administrators can now integrate these superior buildings and classrooms into their campus. They can now take advantage of the innovation, efficiencies of advanced technologies and materials, cost savings, and reduced maintenance to provide the ultimate teaching and learning environment for their educators and students.


We've received the nation's first LEED for Schools Platinum Certification for a charter/public school