Who We Are


To be recognized as the world’s leader in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)design buildings and schools that sets the standards in applied technologies synergistically focused on safeguarding our environment.


Providing advanced building systems and classrooms that showcase models for superior environmental design that promote new standards of thought and harmony in both construction and ecological stewardship.

Living Building Solutions (LBS) is a Design Build Engineering and Construction Company offering custom “living buildings” recognized by the US Green Building Council. LBS’ Chief Executive Officer, Charles Girard, is an award winning General Contractor who has traveled extensively to incorporate best practices and solutions available world-wide for our clients. LBS’ custom designed, permanent structure buildings use state-of-the-art high-performing environmentally friendly building products and materials. Our production processes incorporate Lean Manufacturing methodologies, employ bulk purchasing for scale economies, minimize waste in our manufacturing operations, and utilize recycled products where practical. We are the proud builder of the nation’s first Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified charter/public school.

LBS’ philosophy is regenerative design that incorporate linked systems that work synergistically to provide superior buildings that:1) provide our clients the greatest amount of flexibility; 2) are the most energy efficient and cost effective; 3) provide the highest level of healthy living environments; and 4) require minimal interior and exterior maintenance. By design, our proprietary regenerative building systems go beyond sustainable living into the new frontier of technology and innovation to create and deliver the future –and deliver the future today.Our flagship product, the School-In-The-Box – is the culmination of our dreams, vision and tireless quest to create perfection in a living classroom building. Our objective with our commercial structures, as exemplified in the School-In-The-Box, is to promote conservation and sustainability – as well as a methodology to incorporate this philosophy into our very lifestyles. We believe that there is a symbiosis between engineering building designs that surpass ecological and environmental benchmarks – and the integration of a NetZero+ (meaning minimal and no environmental impact) adaptive living model. We seek to change “cultural mindsets” and understanding– and promote a new way of thinking in the adoption of an environmentally conscious life and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Working with Living Building Solutions

Work with Living Building Solutions: Mr. Girard, LBS’ Chief Executive Officer, has been a General Contractor in excellent standing since 1985. Living Building Solutions is a design build construction firm providing design engineering and building solutions. Starting with the initial site work, permitting and installation to the final building inspection, all facets of the process are professionally coordinated and project-managed by a seasoned licensed Class-A General Contractor (license #CGC038525). LBS employs ultra-efficient manufacturing methods and the highest level of innovation in building design and materials.

Where we can, we utilize pre-engineered building components to maximize construction time and reduce costs – which allows us to reflect these cost economies in our prices.Pre-engineered building components in our permanent structures:

  • Reduce costs – 50% to 75% less waste than the equivalent site-built building
  • Exceeds structural requirements
  • Allow occupancy in weeks versus months or longer – saving significant project costs compared to “traditional” construction
  • Integrate advanced technology efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Engineered for California’s seismic standards and Florida’s hurricane standards
  • Can incorporate stand-alone solar and rainwater utilization systems for Zero-impact

A Philosophy of Innovation and Promoting a Sustainable Environment

The LBS approach is centered on the concept of creating “environments” instead of spaces. Innovative design engineering is combined with GREENGUARD certified indoor construction materials that result in building structures that are manufactured sustainably, provide the highest level of energy efficiency, and results in the highest performing living and learning environment. LBS’ factory waste management plan incorporates efficient ordering, precise manufacturing, and the use of recycled products – all of which diverts up to 90% of landfill waste. By maximizing the employment of these sustainable production methodologies, these cost savings are then passed on to our clients.

Our buildings incorporate improved natural lighting, LED (light emitting diode) fixtures, energy efficient environmental controls, enhanced air purification systems, and solar panel integration with HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems. We strive for the ultimate in building efficiency – to provide for the optimal interior living environment with exteriors that virtually eliminate maintenance. Our engineering philosophy is geared to promote a natural flow between the indoor and exterior environment.

This philosophy is of particular importance in the construction of school buildings and classrooms. We understand that a classroom is much more than just a room. LBS’ innovative designs incorporate new and proprietary technologies that provide not only the optimal in a health-conscious learning environment, but a building system that promotes and represents ecological principles. LBS’ approach of integrating “living building” systems helps foster an understanding of the supporting sustainable technologies employed. Students engage in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning experience by observation and inspection of the building’s systems – and their harmony with the environment!



We've received the nation's first LEED for Schools Platinum Certification for a charter/public school