School in the Box

A record breaking, innovative school, Living Building Solution’s (LBS) School in the Box is the optimal place for teachers to teach, students to learn, and the community to get involved. With its variety of features, LBS schools surpass boundaries and far exceed the expectations of everyone. The first LBS school – Learning Gate Community School – that was built has proven that LBS schools provide the environment that is needed for educational success and achievement. And, as the 2011 U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools winner, this school further proves just how powerful an effect LBS schools have.

LBS is able to bring investors and the community money, increase student engagement and success, and promote teacher health and happiness due to its sustainable, innovative design. These schools, which lead the way in green technology, promote healthier, more productive learning environments and give both teachers and students alike greater opportunities for engagement and learning. And, as permanent buildings, these schools are designed to benefit both present and future students.

Whether you are looking to add additional educational space to your school or create a completely new environment, LBS offers a combination of sustainable and energy-efficient technology and responsible, low-maintenance materials, in addition to an affordable, customizable design, that makes these the perfect choice for the children in your community.

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We've received the nation's first LEED for Schools Platinum Certification for a charter/public school